Frankie4585 (formerly known as Alex4375 on CP) is a Pookie Abuser, Prep Hater, Fam Fam hunter and Couplebreaker on Club Penguin, he often disguises as a rich woman and adopts pookies then later abuses them. He will sometimes kill them but sometimes he lets them go to be traumatized. He often also goes to the pet shop to hurt pookies and uppies causing trouble. He is part of the Pookie Hater Defense and is one of the most scandalous pookie haters in Club Penguin.


One day, Alex entered the pookie protest wiki and started saying pookies were stupid creatures and blu bell hired him to go undercover to join PPP and find out their plans, however he revealed himself and escaped, later he seen Agent Unknown saving pookies which got Alex angry so he went up to unknown and started yelling and screaming at him, He ignored it and walked back to the Pookie Protection Program HQ. Before he yelled at unknown he became an agent of the PHD and is taking part in many operations such as Operation S.T.O.P, Operation U.N.P.O.O.K.I.E and possibly Operation R.E.S.C.U.E. He is also a couplebreaker, prep hater and fam fam hunter.


  • On April 17, 2014 he was banned forever but he is coming back with another account and a six month membership. He will choose a name that can be applied to both sexes so that when he disguises as a mumu, it seems realistic. He has thought about Frankie. For being Peruvian and living in Peru, he has the advantage that there, a six month membership is S/.70.00 which in dollars is US$25.00. So he saves US$5.00 which is S/.14.00 in Peru and he gets is cheaper.
  • He thinks he is one of the most interesting characters on Club Penguin because he has been told by some other players. Some think that he thinks he is the smartest but he really doesn't.
  • He thinks the idea of the PHD that is about doing protests instead of abusing is useless, which makes him a controversial character on Club Penguin.
  • He plans to make a movie called 'No More Pookies' which is a satirical movie about Club Penguin that shows in a very crude way the pookie-hater world, this movie is offensive to Agent Unknown.
  • His age is one more year than the year we are. He was 12 in 2011, 13 in 2012, 14 in 2013 and 15 in 2014.