King's outfit

What he may look like when you see him.

Agent Titanium (also known as Kingkazimi1 on Club Penguin or Titanium Ninja on Wikia) is a prep and pookie hater. He's a agent in the Robot Penguin Federation, Puffle Protection Program, Pookie Hater Defense, Robber Penguin Agency, and formely a agent in the Penguin Secret Agency, He found Club Penguin on February 26, 2007. He started to quit Club Penguin in May 2010 when PSA died but reunited in December 2010. He became a EPF Agent but has quit in March 2011 and started robbing.

Starting to Pookie ProtestEdit

In December 2010, when he made his return. He went to the Pet Shop to get a new puffle. But while that, he found penguins sitting down saying 'is free pookie', 'needs mumu', etc and all of them were wearing the color yellow. They were acting greedy and crawling all over places. He tried not to pay atteniton and get his puffle to his igloo to play with it. King always loved puffles. Later, he found out that those creatures that he found in the Pet Shop are called 'pookies'. They were annoying him, being mean, greedy, and abusing puffles. He got angrier and angrier....He was gonna throw a tantrum. He started to hate them. Later in March 2011, he started a riot. Saying 'PUFFLES ONLY' 'NO MORE POOKIES' and many people started saying the same thing and were dancing in the Pet Shop. He later heard mumus saying 'who cares about puffles' and pookies saying 'eww puffles'. He later started protesting more and more....until July 2011, when a pookie reported him and got him banned for 24 hours. Later, he gained 2 more bans in 2011. During 2012 and 2013, he luckily got no bans. On May 16, 2014, his igloo was invaded by pookies. He ignored them all and locked his igloo.  Later on July 1, 2014, he was protesting again. And a pookie got him banned for a day. But he joined a agency a week before called the Pookie Hater Defense. His Robber Penguin Agency friends told him about it. He asked Agent Club, who was one of the people in charge of joining the agency. Club gave him the test and he luckily passed. That's his story of starting to pookie protest.


  • Titanium was a EPF Agent for 4 months.
  • Titanium is named after a metal which has lots of strength in it.
  • Titanium's favorite food is pasta and second favorite food is cherry pie.
  • Titanium loves to bike.
  • Titanium's favorite item in Club Penguin is the Black Toque which robbers usually wear.
  • TItanium became a robber in March 2011.
  • Titanium is currently 6 years old.          
  • Titanium has a Green Puffle named Jacob since Janurary 2011.          
  • Titanium was once arrested for going in the University and making fun of preps.                                    
  • Titanium has a Black Puffle named Zab since August 2012.                                                                  
  • Titanium's first place to rob is the Pizza Parlor.