Drewland is the most homosexual country in the world and serves as master headquarters for Drew Pickles and the Barney Bunch. The country itself is shaped like a dildo.


Drewland was founded in the late 1980s by Drew Pickles and Barney the Dinosaur, just as their career in the gay porno industry became well known. They made it their top priority to find a swell place to bang eachother and to make a studio to film their gay pornos (since most of the studios they filmed at couldn't handle their extreme swellness). During Rugrasts' season breaks, Drew would help Barney make Drewland swell enough for homos alike. During it's swell years, the place has been invaded by the Humongous Bunch and the Betty Bunch, all who wanted Drewland to be unswell. They have sucessfully been thwarted by the swell efforts of the Barney Bunch


  • Drewland National Airport: this is the main enterance to Drewland, and has access places to Ronald McDonald Hell and Yoshi's Island.
  • Drew's Mansion: the home of the world's gayest man and his purple fuck buddy. This is a place where the Barney Bunch go to usually have an orgy.
  • Barney Bunch Sex Stadium: a huge stadium where the Barney Bunch

go to have super doper mega bum bum rape romp orgies. It is twice the size of RMDH's Kaiju Coliseum.

  • Stu's Sex Shop: a sex store run by Stu Pickles. It has lots of dildus, gay pornos, and plenty of chocolate pudding.
  • Cranky's Lab: a laboratory run by Cranky Kong. It has potions made out of cum and other sexual concoctions.
  • Five Faggots Restaurant: a swell restaurant run by Ronald's brother/cousin/whatever Dick the Clown. It serves the swellest foods ever!
  • Barney Bunch Entertainment Studios: a huge studio where Drew

and the Barney Bunch film their gay pornos and other swell material.

  • Drewland Museum of Natural Swellness: the most homosexual

museum ever! It has facts about Drew and the rest of the Bunch, as well as prized possessions. Don't forget to visit the gift shop!

  • Cock Cinemas: a movie theater that Drew and the Bunch go to when they want to watch gay pornos. They have free tissues!
  • Drewland National Library: a massive library with tons of gay

porn magazines and gay children's books. They even have a masturbation booth.

  • Drewland Maximum Prison: this is for serious offenders, such as Betty DeVille or Fatty Bear. The prison often has punishments, such as watching a Barney Bunch porno to severe speed rapes.