Hoodies are a type of penguin. Almost all Hoodies hate preps.

Reasons for Hating PookiesEdit

Hoodies may hate pookies because of the following.

  • Pookies are annoying.
  • Pookies aren't really babies. They are penguins.
  • Pookies talk weird, and no one can understand them.
  • Pookies dress weird.

All of these are the common reasons why Hoodies hate pookies.

What They Do to Prevent PookiesEdit

Hoodies may do lots of things to try and prevent pookies.

Hoodies may start pookie protests.  Pookie protests are where lots of Hoodies dance together in a group in the Pet Shop and say things like "NO MORE POOKIES!!" or "SAVE THE PUFFLES!!".

Hoodies may also be violent to pookies to try to make them die out.  Hoodies may stab, or "tabs" a pookie, use sexual language against them, throw them, punch, kick, or smash them, and other common fighting techniques.

Hoodies may also just annoy pookies.  They may sit on or in front of a pookie and fart, or dance on or in front of a pookie while farting or saying annoying things, or just follow them around and deny everything they say.

What Pookies Do to Prevent HoodiesEdit

Pookies may do lots of things to try and prevent hoodies.

Rarely, pookies will start a Hoodie protest.  Hoodie protests are basically like any protest, but only pookies are the ones dancing and ranting.  Pookies may say "STOP THE HOODIES!!".

If Hoodies are violent to pookies, pookies may react.  They may ignore or report the Hoodies, or say "catches", as if they were catching the Hoodies' hand or foot, or whatever the Hoodies used to use violence against the pookie.

If Hoodies annoy pookies, pookies may annoy them back, or report, ignore, or just pretend they aren't there.


Only a small percentage of hoodies hate pookies.