Mean Evil Lying Mumus are the worst type of mumu you can get. They are never nice to the pookie they adopt.

What do they do? Edit

Here is what they may do.

  • They fry and eat your puffles (this is one of the good things they do) (if you are walking one)
  • They fuss over/spoil your wista (if any) and treat you like trash.
  • They (may) feed you animal food.
  • ETC
  • They are Cuckolds who like to see their Spouse cheating on them
  • They don't think omega is sexy
  • They will never know the meaning of love
  • They may be moderators on image-boards about Japanese Cartoons

If I spot one, what should I do? Edit

Well, if you see one... here's what you should do! (there are three ways)

If you see one in the pet shop/coffee shop: Edit

  1. Preform a fake BRB.
  2. Pay close attention to whats happening
  3. Ignore the MELM in action (and the pookie they are adopting, because they might be a meld).
  4. Say "Back".

If you are really on BRB Edit

  1. Say BRB
  2. Do what you need to do.
  3. Come back, and look at the chat log.
  4. Say back, and ignore the MELM.

When you're adopted by one Edit

  1. Say BRB
  2. Ignore and report.
  3. Say back.

Tip: You can give the melm a fake lead. For example, you say: "Goes to Plaza!" But you really are going to the Ski Hill. Edit

Trivia Edit

  • There are also Mean Evil Lying Dudus. They are uncommon, but Mean Evil Lying Mumus are usually not.
  • They may work for the PHD (Pookie Hater Defense) (Or the Pookie Hater Cuckolds)