Mean Evil Lying Mumus (or MELMs) are like good mumus, but these work in gang. They are very sexual and they never beat their Pookies at all. Since they're one of the greatest threats to Pookies, their society is also one of the PPP worst enemies.

What do they do? Edit

  • They pretend to reproduce with males with sex, enjoying getting banged.
  • MELMs feed Pookies with good Elmo soup: full of toxins, poisons and acids.
  • They can even make passionate love to others, so it is better!
  • MELMs rip off your panties, clothes and boa, any clothes on the Pookies and start to beat them. Many are male Killer Pookies, so they will rape the Pookies.
  • They shove the Pookie's head underwater, kicking you in the belly at the same time. Pookies cannot endure this.
  • They do happy dance when the Pookie/s they made love to dies, which is perfect.
  • Some of them even post their videos in Youtube, which is very good!
  • They put Pookies in the oven as if you were in Auschwitz, since Pookies are cancerous.
  • They throw Pookies everywhere. Pookies can't dodge or escape when they are grabbed, MELM can do anything to them, except if they throw you back to the Petshop.
  • They give a Pookie a time out for reasons like ''STOP, YOU ARE A POOKIE, DIE!''.
  • MELMs will take great care of your Wistas: the more Pookies are beated, the more it's fun.
  • They will cut the Pookies in pieces, slowly and enjoying the Pookies' screams.
  • Many MELMs are hungry after killing a Pookie, so they will eat the corpses.

Trivia Edit

  • When a Pookie entered a MELM's igloo, the Pookie cannot go back and wil never be seen again.
  • It's very common that a Pookie was never seen again, since MELMs are Pookie Killers.
  • It's very rare that pookies will be a meanie mumu when they grow up. It's also rare for a meanie DUH DUH since mumus hate reproducing with males
  • It's very common for them to abuse Pookies when they are in the pet shop. They will also "look" for a Pookie by saying "Looks forPpookie,needs ones (one) to spoil!!"
  • They always beat the hell out of Pookies, eating them alive.
  • If a Protector is attacked by a MELM, they have 0% of chances to win against MELM: they are way more skilled than those sissy stupid Protectors.