Operation Files is a mission that Agent Unknown and Agent Shadow were sent on to try and get back the files stolen by the PHD to create Agent Nwonknu and Agent Wodahs. The mission began on March 27 2014 and ended on March 28 2014.


  • March 27 2014: Agent Unknown went to check for his files and found out that they had gone missing, after invading the PHD Base, he found out that Agent Club had stolen them to create 'Agent Nwonknu' He was said to be more powerful than Agent Unknown, after this he escaped and ran away to warn Agent Omega X and Agent Shadow, After Agent Shadow heard this he began creating 'Mecha Unknown' so Nwonknu would feel useless, however Agent Shadow checked for his files only to find out that Club had stolen them too to create Agent Wodahs.
  • March 28 2014: Agent Unknown breaks into the PHD HQ and gets the files only to be caught by Agent Nwonknu, however Agent Shadow battles them to save Agent Unknown, He grabs the files and runs over to press a button that will disable Nwonknu and Wodahs, however Agent Club stops him, Nwonknu and Wodahs grab the files and retreat but Shadow grabs them and throws them all over the place to cause a distraction until they finally hit the disable button causing a lockdown on Nwonknu and Wodahs. The mission appeared to be over as they left to the PPP HQ.


  • This is so far the shortest mission as it only lasted 1 day.