Puffle logo by cool pixels

The Puffle Protection Program's Official Logo.

The Puffle Protection Program is one of the rival angencies of the Pookie Protection Program, it was founded on November 27, 2010.


Due to a massive pookie haters augment (according to stats: Pookies 13% overall and Haters 89%), there was a huge pookie riot, raids and skills on November 10, 2014. A penguin named Omegasonic13 (Agent Omega X) was trying to stop the riot but failed and formed the "Pookie Protection Program" to help pookies in danger around the world which failed too. However, another penguin who was part of the puffle gang supporting crew named Corn Sky got worried, thinking that this would argument the pookie adoption rate and with this and a huge battle started, resulting in the PPP's HQ  getting always destroyed. 2 weeks later, Corn Sky formed the "Puffle Protection Program" and used the logo that the Pookie Protection Program stole. Their goal is to save puffles in danger, to make Pookies disappear forever by killing them and to turn puffles into the only things in the pet shop. They protect different servers and it was opened on November 27, 2010. People have been complaining to Omega because of the logo issue, but it's been solved: Omega choosed another logo, more shitty.


The current agents of this program are:

  • Agent Glade1 (Director)
  • Agent Club (Puffle Protector, Semi-Director)
  • Agent Extreme (Puffle Protector, Semi-Director)
  • Agent Titanium (Puffle Protector)
  • Agent Bon Chaos (Puffle Protector)
  • Agent B (Puffle Protector)
  • Agent Coco (was assistant with Agent Bon Chaos)
  • Agent Berserk (Formally high graded Puffle Protector but fired due to his bloodlust: he killed pookies but also puffles)
  • Over 100 other Agents, unidentified and unknown. They are not very popular.

More agents will be added soon.