The World Pukie Kill War is a war that as going to start on May 17, 2014, however due to Agent Omega X (The Cunt) and Agent Club (The Hero) talking about it in a Private Conversation.

Sides Edit

Pookie Protection Program (PPP) Edit

The only bad and ridiculous side in this good war. They try to make the Pookies survive, but since some Haters just hate Pookies because they took over the Pet Shop, they got their asses kicked by those Haters. They believed that some the Haters that hate Pookies just because they took over the Pet Shop would stop hating once the new Puffle Park is released. Those Haters (like many) are Heroes! Many Pookies went to the Puffle Park and got killed, via sell for organs and being raped.

Pookie Hater Defense (PHD) Edit

The heroic side in this good war. They are those who think killing all of the Pookies by all means possible, even by killing Protectors with ease (some of them call it hot), like how real hero does. They constantly work hard to bullying/torture all the Pookies, stealing things from them and breaking their toys, kidnapping them then throw the Pookies to dogs, raping those cancerous Pookies and other stuff. The PPP failed hard to stop them from doing those magnificent actions to Pookies by all means possible.

Progress of the War Edit

At May 18 2014, Agent Vortex decided to engage a raid in the servers Sleets (2nd most popular servers for Penguins and Pookies, #1 for non-member Pookies), Avalanches and Aurora. Vortex claimed he wanted to left the Blizzard server for the last.

At the end, the PPP was destroyed by the PHD.

Trivia Edit

  • Both sides think they're the "good side" of this war, while only the PPP isn't, just a load of pure lies.